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Saturday, October 1, 2016


admin     12:54 AM  7 comments

There is More reason why Greater Nepal is Possible. The sugauly treaty done by thereat not independently. And its not done by Authoress King of Nepal even  Treaty say. So there is most reason why Greater Nepal is Possible.   

1) According to international laws, if a treaty is signed under threat, it's is void. So, sugauli treaty is void.

2)International laws says that if there is the absence of any of the signatories, the treaty is void.

3) There is no british east india company now (after 1947). So the land is, legally, of Nepal.

4) Even if the Sugauli treaty exists, the land is still Nepal's, legally. Becozz the term "inperpetuity" means something is taken for a lease/rent and the same term is used for the territories of Nepal in the sugauli treaty.

5) The main aim of treaty of 1950 signed between U.K. and Nepal was to return back the land of nepal which the Ranas didn't bothered to listen to the British. And the last one

6) Next treaty signed in 1950 between nepal and india states that all the treaties signed between Nepal and East India before that day were nullified. S

o, sugauli treaty is also nullified. Hence, places like Nainital, kumaon, gadhwal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, teria parts upto Allahbad in the south must be returned to Nepal.


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  1. If any nepali chaprasi has drunk their mothers milk please come and take it from India...
    Nepal will disappear that day.

    1. Nepal is not like a water in desert to disappear easily! And Mind your language , we are not chaprasi anyways!

    2. Lots of love from Nanital Uttrakhand😊 I support Greater Nepal 💜 Because we have same Himalayan blood, similarities in language and culture.. And because of my mogolian face many times this dhooti shit people of India call me Chinese or Nepali. They don't treat me as Indian! So why not I should support Greater Nepal? And it's better to look like Chinese than that so-called black indians🙌

    3. Well said sis I support you!! I
      Love my motherland devbhoomi and love Nepal jai Nepal.....

  2. That s good .we forward this campaign

  3. Greater Nepal returns.its easily possible.

  4. भाई संगोली संधि भूल गए क्या? या फिर तुम्हारे इतिहास में ये सब नही पढ़ाया जाता?


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