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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lo Manthang- Travel TO Nepal

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Lo Manthang

lo manthang become the walled capital of the dominion of lo from its founding in 1380 by way of ame friend who oversaw production of the town wall and the various nonetheless-standing systems. after the shahs of gorkha solid nepal out of severa petty kingdoms in the 18th century, lo became a dependency however kept its hereditary rulers. this association continued as long as nepal remained a state, until republican authorities commenced in 2008 and jigme dorje palbar bista (born c. 1933) lost his identify.his protector king gyanendra suffered the same fate, however the raja or gyelpo of mustang turned into twenty fifth in a direct line of rulers relationship returned to 1380 a.d. gyanendra changed into most effective the eleventh shah ruler when you consider that prithvi narayan shah conquered kathmandu in 1768.

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More prosaically, Lo Manthang is a Village Development Committee in Mustang District, Dhawalagiri Zone of northern Nepal. The 1991 Nepal census counted 876 people living in 178 households.The population includes ethnic Lhobas.

Lo is the culturally and linguistically Tibetan northern two-thirds of Mustang District, while the southern third is called Thak, the homeland of Thakali people who speak a different language and have a synthesis of Tibetan and Nepalese culture.

Recently a series of at least twelve caves were discovered north of Annapurna and near the village, decorated with ancient Buddhist paintings and set in sheer cliffs at 14,000 feet (4,300 m) elevation.The paintings show Newari influence, dating to approximately the 13th century, and also contain Tibetan scripts executed in ink, silver and gold and pre-Christian era pottery shards. Explorers found stupas, decorative art and paintings depicting various forms of the Buddha, often with disciples, supplicants and attendants, with some mural paintings showing sub-tropical themes containing palm trees, billowing Indian textiles and birds

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