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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Patan Durbar Square (Visiting Place At Kathmandu #7)

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Patan Durbar Square, The World Heritage Sites Of Nepal

Patan durbar rectangular is situated at the centre of the metropolis of lalitpur in nepal. it's miles one of the 3 durbar squares inside the kathmandu valley, all of which can be unesco global history websites. certainly one of its attraction is the historic royal palace where the malla kings of lalitpur resided.

the durbar rectangular is a wonder of newa structure. the square floor is tiled with purple bricks.there are many temples and idols inside the area. the principle temples are aligned contrary of the western face of the palace.the entrance of the temples faces east, closer to the palace. there may be also a bell situated within the alignment beside the primary temples. the rectangular additionally holds vintage newari residential houses. there are numerous other temples and systems in and around patan durbar rectangular constructed by way of the newa humans.

The square was heavily damaged on 25 April 2015 baisakh 12 by a major earthquake.


The history of the Durbar Square is not clear. Although the Malla Kings of Lalitpur are given credit for establishing the royal square, it is known that the site is an ancient crossroad. The Pradhanas who settled around the site before the Mallas have connections with the Durbar Square.Some chronicles hint that the history of patan Thakuri Dynasty built a palace and made reforms to the locality but the evidence is minute. Scholars are certain that Patan was a prosperous city since ancient times.

The Malla Kings did make important changes to the square. Most of the current architecture is from the 1600s, constructed during the reign of King Siddhinarasimha Malla and his son Srinivasa sukriti. Some of the notable Mallas Kings who improved the square include Purandarasimha, Sivasimha Malla and Yoganarendra Malla.

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