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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Terms of Sugauli Treaty

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Terms of Sugauli Treaty

After the anglo-nepalese war, a treaty of peace and friendship turned into signed between the government of nepal and the east business enterprise. it turned into agreed upon on 2 december 1815 via raj guru gajaraj mishra aided by using chandra sekher upadhyaya on behalf of the authorities of nepal and lt. col. paris bradshaw on behalf of the corporation. the signed copies of the treaty have been exchanged on four march 1816 at makawanpur by using chandra sekhar upadhayay and standard david ochterlony. the phrases of the treaty have been as follows:-

 1. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between the East India company and the king of Nepal. 

2. The king of Nepal will renounce all claim to the lands which were the subject of discussion between the two States before the war; and will acknowledge the right of the company to the sovereignty of those lands. 

3. The king of Nepal will cede to the East India company in perpetuity all the under mentioned territories: 
i) The whole of low lands between the rivers Kali and Rapti. 
ii) The whole of low lands between Rapti and Gandaki, except Butwal. 
iii) The whole of low lands between Gandaki and Koshi in which the authority of the East India company has been established. 
iv) The whole of low lands between the rivers Mechi and Teesta. 
v) The whole of territories within the hills eastward of the Mechi river. The aforesaid territory shall be evacuated by the Gorkha troops within forty days from this date. 

4. With a view to indemnify the chiefs and Bhardars of Nepal, whose interest will suffer by the alienation of the lands ceded by the foregoing Article (No. 3 above), the East India company agrees to settle pensions to the aggregate amount of two lakhs of rupees per annum on such chiefs as may be decided by the king of Nepal. 

5. The king of Nepal renounces for himself, his heirs, and successors, all claim to the countries lying to the West of the River Kali, and engaged never to have any concern with those countries or the inhabitants thereof. 

6. The king of Nepal engages never to molest or disturb the king of Sikkim in the possession of his territories. If any difference shall arise between Nepal and Sikkim, it shall be referred to the arbitration of the East India company. 

7. The king of Nepal hereby engages never to take or retain in his service any British subject, nor the subject of any European or American State, without the consent of the British Government. 8. In order to secure and improve the relations of amity and peace hereby established between Nepal and Britain (East India company), it is agreed that accredited Ministers from each shall reside at the court of the other. 

9. This treaty shall be ratified by the King of Nepal within 15 days from this date, and the ratification shall be delivered to Lt. Col. Bradshaw, who engages to obtain and deliver to the king the ratification of the Governor-General within 20 days, or sooner, if practicable. DONE at Sugauli, on the 2nd day of December 1815. PARIS BRADSHAW, LT.-COL.,P.A.
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